lördag 26 mars 2011

Baphomet's Blood - Blood Vomit and Satan demo (Ita) (2007)

When you have totally given up on the metal scene and figured those f**ckers of today can't play heavy or fast for shit or come even close to the intensity of deathmetal of the 80's, you get pleasently surpriced.. This demo was just such a surprice.. It's FAST it's RAW, it's HEAVY and it's got that classic sound with it's roots in Motörhead and Venom instead of the new guys blind love Slayer.. This demo reminds me of Italian band Bulldozer..yes those Venom cloners.. But imagine that on a Motörhead/Venom/Discharge foundation instead..Yes intersting beyond words. This demo really kicked my seasoned ass away and that doesn't happen often. All I say is download this sold out monster of a demo and be blown away. This band has also released a bunch of lps..but they're more in the vein of 84' style Speedmetal, not a bad thing that either.

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