onsdag 17 juli 2013

Samael - Medieval Prophecy (1988)

After Bathory began their Pagan metal approach in 1988 there weren't many bands who looked like to continue their specific Black Death Metal legacy but this obscure Swiss band came along. Two brothers with an obvious Bathory and Black Death Metal obession began Samael and recorded a raw demo and in 1988 released this great crude raw Ep or 3 song single. This Ep had a  Hellhammer/Gothic Doom metal vibe combined with Quorthon like vocals that almost surpass the master himself. Vorphalack hade the most incredible raw dark occult, yet conviencing Black Death Metal voice I'd heard since Quorthon.It had it's own unique character specific to him which made it original. I watched with anticipaton towards Samael's debut album Worship Him (1991) but quite frankly it failed to deliever and was a Black thrash outing at it's best. Medieval prophecy Ep and their demos remain their Black Death Metal legacy for me. Track "Into The Pentagram" here is a bone chilling dark Black Metal classic. Must of put a proud smile on Quorthons lips in the day.