lördag 21 januari 2012

Hellhammer - Triumph Of Death demo II (1983)

Death Metal of the crudest rawest and darkest kind.. This the 2nd demo by Hellhammer is a musical monster. Crude raw distortion of Motörhead, crudest punk and early  Venom, but with a personality and style unique to themselves. Toms vocals here sound like Lemmys kid brother from Hell..raw, yet tasteful and conviencing in a way 99.9% of the pseudo thräsh bands with "raw" vocals grandly fail at. Tom and Quorthon are among the few who can pull this off without it sounding comical or inane.This demo has great original songs with good memorible riffs. The sheer rawness and Venom of the music is amazing, DEATH METAL if there ever was any. The druming on this demo reminds mw alot of the speed druming Abaddon of Venom used. I love this demo and to my ears one of the extremest audioble releases outthere. Had Tom approached  the Discharge/Varukers punk scene of the day.. the need for Celtic Frost had never materialized. A few morronic prog rock ("heavy metal") journalists killed this band because of their inability to understand this form of music.  

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