onsdag 20 april 2011

Motörhead - No Sleep til Hammersmith (1981)

If you call yourself a fan of extreme rock, speed, hardcore, death metal or whatever fan and you haven't had this as your stepple diet, than in my books you ain't for real. This was and (for my bucks) is one of the extremest and best recordings of the 1980's. You have the original trio at their peak, blasting away as if there was no tomorrow. I remember when I heard this the first time.. Overkill on high volume changed my life and I haven't looked back since. Kids are impressed with Slayer n their clone hordes..but those bands ain't shit compared to Motörhead at their rawest heaviest and best. Enough said. This is an extended version with extra cuts. 30 years on this is still a monster.. Those double bassdrums n Lemmy n Fast Eddie on Over kill will fry ya mind 4 ever. Venom and Discharge/Varukers owe Motörhead a lot! Play this L O U D !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. This is a monster still 30 years on! Just turn up the volume n be blown away!