fredag 29 april 2011

Siege - Drop dead (1984)

Wow this is one of the extremest and intense things ever recorded.. The Hardcore crowd calls these guys music "power violence".. I call this Death Metal of the fastest and extremest kind. Kreator's extremest stuff from 86, Assassin's tracks such as "Bullets or Living Deaths track "Horrible Infantcide" come close to the intensity here. These guys recorded this album quality demo in 84..and few compilation tracks and than fadded into oblivion. Siege blew away litterally everyone except Sodom (equaled them!) during this period. These guys need more attention within extreme deathmetal circles.. These guys make Slayer and their cloners sound slow and weak. Download and get blown away in a major way..

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  1. Just discovered your deathmetel of the 80s blog and instantly +followed!!! I'm filling my ipod with gnarly tunes as we speak!!! Yarrrrggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. 'cept the dead links like this seige record...